A new fix patch v0.1.1 has been released for tutorial improvements and other fixes. We want new players to understand the game mechanic before quick-quit. You can see the change log below.

For novel players, we highly recommend to start using gamepad. It’s easier to start playing. The keyboard & mouse are recommended for master players.

Moreover, we recommed to map the gamepad by this way:




[ v0.1.1 ]

  • Added a popup caption with player controls for first 20 levels, (excluding tutorial levels).
  • Added keyboard and gamepad control to the focus of redefine keys window.
  • Added an exclamation icon to alert the danger of game over by off board.
  • Added a label for version number at Main Menu screen.
  • Now the position guide (mobile points line) is also shown for controls with mouse and the parking follows its movements.
  • The tutorial has been improved. Now it is cleaner and fully guided.
  • The rules for cubes generation have been tweaked slightly in order to keep the good flowing of gameplay. For same reason, the “Cube Combo” can be broken by time only.
  • Hidden “Select Level” option at Main Menu for new players.
  • Game Over screen’s background have been modified to be like Pause’s.
  • Fixed a bug with detection of “Unsolvable Level”.
  • Fixed some bugs related with Touch/Mouse controller type.
  • Fixed an audio bug related to the start of tutorial level 1.
  • Fixed a bug which caused to launch cubes from non catchable positions so the game over was unavoidable, (like occurred in level 13).
  • Fixed mouse wheel control at Select Level menu.

[ v0.1.0 ]

  • First playable demo release.
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