Cubotrox® is a new, challenging, addictive and rotative puzzle game for PC. The goal is to fill the background target picture. To do that you can catch & drop cubes, rotate them even rotate the full board. That's all, simple, easy, and very effective! You will learn to play from minute zero and your skills and difficulty level will be increasing at same time than your enjoyment.



Easy control

The game has been designed to be played with keyboard, gamepad, mouse or even touch screen.

Hundreds of levels

Play hundreds of levels in the Level Mode and try to complete them all.

Find your limits

Play the Endless Mode and find your limits. The difficulty level will be increasing in a frenetic non-stop playing.

Increase your skills

Level by level, your skills will be increased continuously. Are you going be a cube-master?

Be the best

Fight to be the best on the world global ranking and share your personal record with your friends.

Get all the cubotroxes

Reach the score goals and win Cubotroxes, the in-game coin. You can exchange them by boosters/bonues.